The movement

The word: "Goddessté” means, “The goddess in me bows to the goddess in you." An obvious play on the word “Namaste,” it’s meant to be a way for women to honor one another. We believe that women are pretty amazing in our ability to come together, and we also believe that, when we do, some pretty beautiful, powerful, deeply meaningful things happen. We’re stronger together, and we’ve always known that on an instinctual level. History is overflowing with groups of women who have joined forces and created change for the better, often against insanely difficult odds. Something happens to a woman when she has another woman reach out her hand and say, “Come on – let’s do it together. You’re not alone - you never were. You’ve got this, and I’ve got you.” Suddenly, she’s lighter, stronger, more confident – she’s freer. Pretty powerful stuff, huh?



The Why: We are just two best friends who grew sick of looking out into the world and seeing women tearing one another down – it is everywhere. We knew, you see, that the power lay in our ability to bond over our shared struggles and shared pain, as opposed to dividing ourselves over our differences, our insecurities - our fears. So, we decided to do something about it, and that thing was Goddessté. It’s a movement that centers around helping one another on the journey to self-love, self-acceptance, and self-empowerment. The idea is that each woman has, within her, this amazing strength and ability to persevere through anything she may encounter, and that it is that strength that carries her through life's greatest challenges. That strength that keeps you moving against all odds, that light that insists on burning in the face of the greatest darkness, that love that keeps growing and giving even when it’s been battered and bruised - all of these things are the “inner goddess” that exists within each of us. We know life has a way of hitting hard – we’ve been knocked down more times than we can count. We also know that we will be knocked down again, in the future, and we don’t mind. We know that. When that day comes, that inner goddess is there to call on – well, her, and our fellow goddesses. We want to use our personal experiences to shed a little love, light, and compassion into the lives of women who may be fighting similar battles in the present. Now, parts of our stories get darker than dark – they’re not always easy to recount, but we feel we must so that we can help our sister goddesses who are stuck in those darker-than-dark places today. If we can do that, then all that pain, all that hurt, suddenly has a purpose. Being able to help other people make it out on the other side somehow makes it all worth it, so we had to try! Simply put, we want to help women dig deep and connect with their innermost strength. And, along the way, we want to celebrate one another.

 Our friendship has always been one of love, purity, and goodness. Now, we get to open up that goodness, and share it with the world. Goddessté is us inviting you into our world. Come in, have a seat, rest a while, and make yourself at home. We’re glad you’re here! So, come on – let’s do it together. You're not alone - you never were. You've got this, and we've got you!! 

Goddessté 🙏🏼

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