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Putting God in Goddessté

We are living in a time of fear, very much walking in unchartered territory. It’s strange because I’m someone who has been highly familiar with anxiety and fear throughout my life, but, as I look out into the world and see the panic, I feel mostly just…peace. There’s a pretty good reason for that, of course.

I’m not sure how many of you noticed J’s post yesterday on Facebook, but she and I have been on a JOURNEY like no other. I blogged a little bit about the beginning of my journey back in November of last year.

After that, we were blessed by SO many guest bloggers, so many brave women who came forward to share their stories in such a brave and beautifully vulnerable way. I wouldn’t change a single thing about that, but it did mean I didn’t blog much for a while – neither of us did. Still, the whole while, life was happening, and in that time period, J and I both experienced our own personal miracles: we both came to know God and His son, Jesus.

We came to know WHO we are in Them – that is, who They SAY we are. And, man, is it so refreshing and vastly different than what we had believed for quite some time!

That’s the thing about labels, the things we take on, the lies we swallow about ourselves and just start believing as though they were truth, they stick and then they define. These labels come from a LOT of places. They can come from others, they can come from society, from magazine covers, from music, and, my beautiful sister goddess, they come from you, too.

Think about it. We all, as humans, go through this life being labeled, whether it be by others, ourselves, institutions, organizations. I think it’s even worse for women, right? We are put into categories our whole lives. Examples of some of these labels might be: ugly, pretty, fat, skinny, stupid, smart, greedy, giving, conceited, selfish, selfless, loser, cool, friendly, rude, gossip, kind, slut, bitch, etc. You know as well as I do that this list could go on and on and on. The one above is merely meant to serve as an example.

The trouble is that not all of these labels are good for defining us, even the ones that seem like they’d be good labels can end up doing just as much harm to our spirits. An example: a girl who gets labeled “the pretty girl.” You might think she’d be lucky, right? And maybe she is. OR maybe she feels a tremendous amount of pressure to always be the pretty girl, to always look perfect. If she gains just five pounds or has a breakout, she may suddenly feel immense pressure, because who is she if she’s not the perfect picture of beauty? She’s allowed that label to DEFINE her and become her identity, and the rest of her life becomes one big chore, as she relentlessly chases this identity that she never even chose for herself.

The truth is: most of the labels we allow to define us are total crap, utter rubbish. They’re trash. For instance, even after I got clean, for a WHILE, I still felt like “the addict.” In some circles, this label didn’t bother me – in some circles, it was even revered. I was strong. I had made it out of a literal living hell. I had not been defeated. I was a warrior. And I am a warrior, but not in the way you’d think from what I’ve just written. I’ll get to that later.

Back to the circles. In other circles, like when I went around certain members of my extended family, whom I had not seen for a long time, I felt like that label, “THE ADDICT,” had been tattooed on my forehead. I wasn’t even able to look some of those people in the eyes, eyes that I had known my whole life, eyes that were deeply familiar to me. And this isn’t because of anything they did or didn’t do. This is because this label I’d allowed myself to take on was defining me, and the shame that I hadn’t yet put down was covering me.

Was I clean? Sure. Was I working on myself? Yep, and hard. But when I got around those people, did I immediately feel like I was suddenly an addict and only an addict, unworthy, broken, dirty, messed up, lost? YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

And, again, this wasn’t anyone else’s fault. This happened because I had taken on this label and allowed it to identify who I was as a person. I was the person in my family who was not just lost in a storm – I had become the storm. I was a tornado, zooming in and out of their lives, and destroying most everything in my path. That’s how I saw myself, and I imagine that’s how I presented myself for a while, even well into my sobriety. Because…labels are HARD TO BREAK OFF OF YOU! They’re pesky, life-sucking, and they STICK TO YOU. If we aren’t careful, we can live our entire lives missing our purpose because we can’t see the truth about who we are, and WHOSE we are. All we can see is the lies we’ve picked up along the way, and subsequently swallowed, ultimately becoming the things we were never called to be.

In my life, I’ve carried a LOT of different labels, and they were often even conflicting, ya know? I carried those labels around for a long time, as uninvited extensions of myself, and maybe I still carry some of them. But I’ll tell you something about what happens when God sends out His army to find you, to rescue you (Lauren Daigle shout out): if you let Him, He will slowly start to show you the truth about who you are, and those labels that have clung to, and defined, every inch of your body suddenly start to just fall away.

I think I spent a lot of my life in the useless act of people-pleasing. I no longer spend much time aiming to please people. Do I want to be liked? Sure. Mostly, I want to be someone who loves people beyond the labels they’ve assigned to themselves. I want to be someone who can look at women, covered in their shame for whatever reason, and reach through that shame, touch their hearts, and tell them, “Hey – I see YOU, and you’re worthy. You have a light that is beautiful, and you have been CHOSEN to shine that light into this world of darkness.” And I want them to see that I believe it so much so that they start to believe it, too, if even just a little bit.

Because, chosen sisters: God can do A WHOLE LOT OF BIG with juuuust a small amount.

So, now, I aim to empower through truth – or my truth, anyway. When this shift transpired, when it became about the truth and helping others to GROW into their power (because we do not simply step into our power – we grow into it, and it can be a truly painful process – painful but worth it), then it, BY DEFAULT, had to cease being about pleasing. The truth about the truth is that it’s rarely convenient enough to be bothered by things such as pleasantries. Like I said, this process can be painful, because it requires facing the monsters, the demons, of our past, but when you suit up, like the warrior goddess you are, and you charge into battle, YOU WILL FIND FREEDOM. What’s more, and infinitely better, you’ll find yourself in the process. And you just might find that your purpose has just sitting there, waiting for you to unwrap it.

I wanna share with you something about the beginning of this beautiful spiritual journey I’ve been traveling, something about how it all began. I randomly, and I do mean RANDOMLY, started thinking about the state of the world. I was playing with my kids, and I just started thinking about the world in which they’re going to grow up. I think it’s safe to say that we can all agree that this world can be an often dark, very mean place. We have adolescents committing suicide because they’re being bullied to such an extreme. We have a labeling problem.

Then, OUT OF NOWHERE (again), I had this thought: “What if God is real? What is Jesus really is the one, true son of God? What if by not acknowledging them for WHO they are, I’m playing MY part in the darkness, in the forces of evil that clearly run rampant in this world?”

You see, I never claimed a God. I believed in a higher power (or I said I did). I believed in forces of good and evil, of light and dark, but I didn’t think there was a NEED for me to assign this higher power an identity. I thought, as long as I was a good person who lived a good life and did right by others, that was enough – it was sufficient. But, in this moment, it’s like I had a glimpse at a revelation that had been very catered to me: what if, even though I was a “good person,” even though I was someone who valued kindness and love above almost anything else, even though I wasn’t someone obsessed with material goods, what if being that kind, “good” person still wasn’t enough?

Then, it hit me: why settle for being a good person? Why not be a TRANSFORMED person? I can’t explain where these thoughts were coming from – they were not from me, though. I firmly believe that this was the Holy Spirit acting in me. To be more specific, I believe this was Jesus pulling on my heart, leading it in the direction it was always meant to go. In that instant, I KNEW this to be the case.

I knew then, and I know it now: that was the beginning of my journey to knowing God and WHO He really is. Because, you see, I couldn’t know who I was until I knew who He was, who He IS. So, it was also the beginning of my understanding who I am in Him – that I’ve been called to shine my light as brightly as I possibly can, to be a true city on a hill.

I want to be clear that this isn’t me trying to push anything on anyone – this is me telling you what has come to be MY TRUTH. We’ve always encouraged women, through Goddessté, to claim and own their truth. I’m just practicing what I preach.

And I do have you in mind in doing all of this. This goes back to the labels, and back to the journeys that both J and I have been on for some time now. J made a beautiful post yesterday letting others know that, after a lifetime of thinking otherwise, that God was ready to meet her, heal her, and love her whole. Her journey has been one of the greatest blessings of mine, and I think that goes the same for her. So, where do you come in? Well, we want to help you put those life-sucking labels down, as we are learning to do.

When I had my revelation, it ended with me thinking that maybe, just maybe, if I really want to help make the world a better place, more full of light, then it’s probably high time for me to plant my feet, speak my truth with my mouth that Jesus IS my savior, and that I not only serve, but am a daughter of the Most High God, who STILL works miracles. It’s time for me to pick up my sword and go to battle for the truth, my truth.

And, this is where you come in. Goddessté will be shifting our direction. We are putting God at the center of this business, where He always should have been. We both firmly believe that God gave us this business, from the night I first had the vision that felt like fireworks going off in my head, to the months of hard, sometimes excruciating, work that followed in which we built this thing that we thought was one thing, but ended up something very different. All the while, until very recently, we somehow missed what we were REALLY building: a movement to pay tribute to the beautiful, undeserved grace and powerful, healing love of God.

We will never exclude anyone just because they don’t share our beliefs – there are several reasons for this, the two most important being: we’ve not been called to exclude. We’ve been called to INCLUDE and LOVE everyone. We’ve been called to love without condition, without any agenda, just the way Jesus did when he walked this earth. The second reason is that we get it. Remember, I said the salvation prayer in November. For J, it’s been an even more recent thing (if you didn’t see her post, you should go read it – her story is truly amazing – she was literally symbolically baptized by the Holy Spirit, sooooo…).

Goddessté is still for all women, but our message IS shifting. It’s growing much more specific. We’ve always told women they have an insane strength within them, an inner goddess. And we still believe that, but it’s more specific now: that strength is literally of the God of the universe. It’s the part of Him that is within all of us, and it’s the thing that makes literally ANYTHING possible, with just the smallest amount of faith. It’s your light.

We also know that there are a LOT of you, walking this life, being weighed down and defined by your lying labels, and we want to change that. We want you to know who you are because of who God SAYS you are.

Here, I want you to call to mind some of the labels that have followed you around your whole life, the pieces of your identity that have always chased you, clung to you, even though you probably always knew better.

Now, J and I want you to put those labels down, at least for a minute. Sit in that discomfort for a little bit – because there’s a sick comfort in thinking we know who we are, even if those identifying labels crush and silence our very spirits. I’ve compiled a list of 90 different things God calls YOU. NINETY new names, y’all! And that’s not even all of them. Now, this blog has already grown lengthy, so I won’t include them all here, but if you’d like the full list, let one of us know, and we will get it to you!! For now, we’ve chosen some of our favorites.

So, here you go, sister goddess. Set those uninvited labels down, and read who you REALLY are, according to the One whose opinion is the only one that ever really mattered. He called you these things before you ever took your first breath.

You are:

- Loved/HIS Beloved

- Chosen

- Clothed in Strength & Dignity

- Royalty


- Praised

- Upright

- Enlightened



- Strengthened

- Rescued

- Powerful

- Joyful


- Heard

- Seen

- Valued/valuable

- Fearless

- Safe

- Sacred

- Gifted

- Guarded


- Wise

- Faithful

- Not Defined by your Past (“the old has passed away; behold, the new has come”)

- Noble

- WithOUT Shame

- Vigorously Working with Strong Arms

- Unshaken

- WORTHY (“Worth FAR MORE than Rubies”)

Phew! Imagine what you could do, who you could be, who you ALREADY ARE, if you’d just put the wrong labels down. So, we’re here to help you do exactly that – we’re here to show you that, when God thinks of you, He smiles. How cool is that?

Our stories are full of darkness, pain, and feelings of brokenness. But, man oh man, are our present lives full of purpose, grace, goodness, and undeniable PEACE! And we are renewed in our mission through this beautiful movement, as the leaders of this tribe of warrior goddesses.

That doesn’t mean it’s been easy, or that it ever will be. What it does mean is this: we now know what we were always meant to do because we know WHO we were always meant to be. We are fully aware that this MAY rub some people the wrong way, and even push some away. We pray you’ll stick around because we want to share this love and this peace – we want to tell you what God has done for us, so you can share in it. But we also will not be discouraged by things like losing followers over this.

Because this is us, growing into our purpose, and God never promised us that it would be easy. He never promised us that there wouldn’t be storms – He DID promise that He’d be there with us in the storms. The One who has the power to still the roaring waters with only His words will be with us. So, we’re alright with that. We know that we are shaped, molded, and tempered by the hard times. We aren’t afraid of the challenges that we know lie ahead.

For those of you who do stick around: we are honored to be on this journey with each of you. We plan to let you in 100%. We won’t stand idly by while the enemy of light continues to drown out your truths with these lies. These labels keep us from knowing who we really are, who we were always meant to be. This leads us to miss what we’ve been called to do, our role in this world. And just like that, the devil/the evil wins, because he’s stolen another divine purpose. Don’t let it be yours. Don’t let it be today.

You don’t have to believe what we believe but try speaking these things over yourself. Go down this list and call yourself THESE names out loud. Give it an honest shot. The God of the universe calls you BY NAME! That’s no small gift.

It’s not JUST a gift to know who you are – it’s a weapon. And there is no doubt a war being waged right here among us. We need all the help we can get on the side of good, on the side of light. So, like we said in the post yesterday: suit up, warrior goddess – this world needs you. It needs you now, and it needs you as you were created to be.

Don’t become the fear. Become the solution to fear. Let’s link arms, which we do so well, and let’s walk this thing out in faith, confident in who we are and WHOSE we are. Romans 8:30-31 says, “And those he predestined, he also called; those he called, he also justified; those he justified, he also glorified. What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?”

That’s that, then, sister: you are predestined. You are called, you are justified. And you are GLORIFIED. Let’s walk into this battle with confidence, because we know Who is fighting on our behalf.

I’ll end with this story: One of the biggest blessings, by far, on this journey has been the women among whom God has placed us. J and I both joined a small group called Freedom, and these women have surrounded us with love and prayer. They’ve encouraged us, guided us, and quickly become friends and sisters. In a recent conversation with a close friend of ours from this group (my cousin, Kelli), I said that it’s almost comical how long it took us to catch on. God literally put his name in our word, the world I made up, the word we created a definition for, the word we later had trademarked, and the word around which we built an entire business. We were slow to the party, but God knew what time it was. I pointed this out, and then pointed out that I think that God intentionally had us launch as non-believers, so that this transformation happened for everyone to see – His amazing power on full display. She then pointed out another thing neither of us ever caught: the word “Goddessté” sounds very much like “God will stay,” or “God’ll Stay.”

She said, “Goddessté – God will stay – in whatever, through whatever.” We’re countin’ on it.

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